Our Approach

Work smarter, not harder...that is our philosophy.  Pouring curb and gutter with our machines will allow you to do the work of 6-8 employees with just two or three while significantly increasing your daily output. More lineal feet of curb and gutter equals more dollars per day! Easy setup and tear down equals more jobs per week.  Call us today to find out more.

Our Story

CurbDog Equipment was conceived on the notion that there was a better way to pour curb and gutter.  From reclamation to new construction, current construction needs far surpass available talent in the field of hand-formed concrete curb and gutters.  Newest engineering requirements almost mandate the need for slipform curbing.  We have the solution.

Meet the Team

With a combined 80 years in the construction industry, Darrell and Gary have the unique ability to help you find the best solution to your construction needs...from concrete mix, site prep and transportation to machine operation and concrete curb finishing.

Let our pros show you the way to greater profitability

Darrell Ketch

Founder & CEO

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Gary Giacci

Vice President

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What's next...

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